Loren and Hailey Trefethen

The Kids

Loren and Hailey Trefethen, the namesakes of HaLo, are the children of John and Janet Trefethen. They literally grew up in the middle of the family vineyard and have traveled widely with their parents visiting the world’s leading wine regions.

After attending Stanford University, Loren joined his parents at the winery in 2007. Having spent a few summers in the wine industry, including a memorable harvest at the famed Chateau Petrus in Bordeaux, he is continuing his education in vineyard and cellar operations while injecting new energy and ideas into the marketing and sales department. With a particular focus on promoting direct and export sales of Trefethen wines, he hopes to take Trefethen to the next level, as well as the next generation.

Hailey too has been sucked into the family business. After graduating from Santa Clara University in 2008 with a degree in Biological Anthropology, Janet convinced her to come help the family in their role as Chairs for the 2009 Napa Valley Wine Auction. She has since worn a variety of hats at the winery and can often be found conspiring with her brother, hatching schemes to make life at Trefethen even more exciting. Most recently, the two of them surprised their parents with a golden retriever puppy, who has become the darling of the winery staff and runs by the nickname “Trouble.”

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